Duskland is a premier 5-star dog training and behavior modification establishment based out of the famed Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Our competitively priced group classes, privatel at-home lessons, specialty programs, and behavior services are scheduled throughout the week with weekend and evening appointments available. Our main focus is to help you choose a training approach and option that will help reach you and your dog's goals. Please use the navigation menu above for detailed information on individual service options. 

At Duskland we work with your dog's natural personality and drive to help create a harmonious relationship built on mutual respect and trust. Our main purpose, however, is to give owners the education, tools, and support to become responsible and fair guidance for their canines. Our highly customizable programs are built upon the principles of prevention, management, and redirection to successfully address the needs of both you and your canine. We work with all dogs, regardless of breed, age, or history. 

Our certified trainer / behavior consultant, Charlotte Wagner, BSc comes highly recommended by veterinarians, boarding establishments, pet shops, groomers, and dog enthusiasts throughout the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. area. We only promote training methods based on proven scientific learning theory, that are easy for people of all ages and skill levels to use.

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"Charlotte is not only extremely knowledgable about training and behavior, but she is also dedicated to the animals and wants to help them succeed. We are so impressed with the changes we already see, and cannot wait to see what else is in store!"

"I do not understand why everyone doesn't train their dog. Charlotte has made a huge difference in my dog's life, as well as mine!" 

"Charlotte is amazing with the dogs. We had a great time and would not hesitate to do it again. Thanks Charlotte!"

"My husband and I enrolled in the Beginner's Obedience class with our dog Toby. We learned a ton and had fun. Charlotte is  awesome and very knowledgable." 

"I am so glad I found you. It makes me so happy knowing that you are able to recognize and re-train Tucker and I. Thank you so much for providing us with such great tips and so many ways to “undo” the bad training he previously received. I would definitely recommend you! You’re great! Tucker and I love you!"

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